Michael Yount yount at csf.Colorado.EDU
Thu Oct 12 23:25:51 EDT 1995

I'd also like to encourage us to introduce ourselves, as Mike Smith

After working for Communications for a Sustainable Future for several
months, maintaining the ecological economics mailing list and creating
many of their supplementary web pages, I moved from Boulder to Syracuse,
New York and met several members of the Syracuse Real Food Cooperative.
The financial manager of the cooperative suggested creating an electronic
mailing list related to cooperatives (good idea!) and I set about
locating Internet resources on cooperatives, including an existing mailing list
hosted by the University of Wisconsin.  So, I wrote to the list's
maintainer and suggested cooperation.  As other people began creating
and announcing web pages about cooperatives, I thought, "these people
are interested in cooperatives, so why aren't they working together?"
and created a small mailing list to discuss extending Internet resources
on cooperatives.  Having also been attracted to sustainable agriculture
while living in the northeast, I later wrote to each of you suggesting
a similar endeavor for permaculture.  My reasoning is this:  
"sustainability" means counteracting anomie and anonymity through
collaboration, and the Internet provides a good point of departure
for doing so.  Whether or not this works is up to you all
(I'm already committed, or ought to be :)


yount at

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