Dan Bowen Inq. re reading

CFWALKER at alex.stkate.edu CFWALKER at alex.stkate.edu
Mon Oct 9 11:53:21 EDT 1995

Hi - In response to Dan's inquiry:         I am new to the concept of 
permaculture and would like
recomendations for reading...
There's a place called Permaculture Resources, 56 Farmersville Rd.,
Califon, J.J. 07830.  Ph: 800-832-6285.  Fax: 908-832-9162.  They sent me a
free catalog full of wonderful things the same day I called. Also a 
called "The Permaculture Activist" - 3 issues a yr.+ updates.  They seem to be
a source as well for 'The Permaculture Edge, and Permaculture:Solutions
(U.K.). The address into there is The Permaculture Activist, Subscriptions POB
1209, Black Mountain NC 28711 USA.
Scot - The Perm.Activist is listed on the card as $20/yr overseas-surface ($25
airmail).  $16/yr US, Can., Mex.
You can't go wrong with Bill Mollison's Permaculture: Designers' manual..it's 
comprehensive. The less expensive Intro to Permaculture is also good. I found 
Graham Bell's The Permaculture Way very accessible reading.  Good luck! Carol

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