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Howdy Folks!,

We would like to inform you and yours that:

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The Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute Presents a Permaculture Design
Course With BILL MOLLISON and Scott Pittman April 13 thru April 26, 1996
North Central Texas.

BILL MOLLISON, an author and founder of the permaculture movement, has
given hundreds of lectures and design courses to over 10,000 people
worldwide.  He was the recipient of the 1981 Right Livelihood award in
Stockholm, is an honorary member of the Schumaker Society of the U.K., led
a four part 1991 ABC series called the Global Gardener, and was named the
Outstanding Australian Achiever in 1993.

SCOTT PITTMAN, is the founder of the Permaculture Drylands Institute and
owner of Environmental Design Concepts in Santa Fe, NM.  He has traveled
and taught extensively with Mollison.

conscious, holistic design and maintenance of biologically productive
ecosystems which have the stability, balance and resilience of natural eco-
systems.  Permaculture is the harmonious integration of landscape and
people, providing food, energy, shelter and other needs in a sustainable
way for all species.  Without permanent, balanced habitat systems, there
is no possibility for permanence, stability or sustainability in human
civilization and culture.

Permaculture philosophy is one of working with, rather than against
nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation, rather than protracted
and thoughtless action; of looking at systems in all their functions
rather than asking only one yield of them; of allowing systems to
demonstrate their own evolution.  Permaculture design is a system of
assembling conceptual, material and strategic components into patterns
which function to benefit life in all of its forms.  In permaculture,
sustainability is not achieved "by definition," by a fixed idea of what
ought to happen given a human interpretation.  Rather, sustainability is
seen as an integral part of an ongoing process, the interactive exchange
of energies across edges and boundaries in a manner that allows systems to
evolve beneficially, in their own way, towards a state of maximum natural
productivity and abundance.

ABOUT THE COURSE For the third year in a row Bill and Scott will be
sharing their wisdom and inspiration with us here in north central Texas.
The course will help you make the transition towards a sustainable society
and take responsibility for your own lives by meeting your basic needs for
food, shelter, energy, gainful employment, and community.  You will learn
about permaculture design principles and how they may be applied to your
homes and work places whether they be rural or urban.  During the course
you will meet other people who are on similar journeys and be able to
connect with them to achieve the sort of network of friends and
information that will make sustainable living a reality!

dedicated to teaching and practicing permaculture and sustainable living
principles.  Interns, volunteers and co-workers are welcome to apply for
positions with us.  The institute is located at the Fossil Rim Wildlife
Center in Glen Rose, Texas where Fossil Rim practices the conservation of
over sixty species of animals, many of them endangered.  In cooperation,
Cross Timbers and Fossil Rim are practicing and sharing with visitors
environmental education, ecosystem restoration, soil conservation, and
sustainable building.

FEE & ENROLLMENT $795 includes tuition, designer's certification, and
natural whole foods meals.  Please send a deposit (non-refundable) of $250
by March 21st, 1996 to reserve your space. Balance is due at registration.
Tuition is $750 if received in whole before March 21st. Credit card users
may register by phone.  Shuttle service is available upon request from the
Dallas/Fort Worth Airport for $50 to $100 round trip depending on the
number of people sharing the shuttle van.

ACCOMMODATIONS Tent sites are $70 per person for the entire course.  There
are showers and bathrooms nearby.

Bunk houses are $160 per person for the entire course. Bring bedding and a

CONTACT:  Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute; Route 1, Box 210-A; Glen
Rose, Texas 76043; Phone:  817-897-9402; Fax 817-897-3785; E-mail:
72530.1353 at

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