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Several people have asked for information about the annual CSA Conference
sponsored by the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association, and held on
their grounds in Kimberton, PA.  Herewith, then, are the gories: 
What:  "Capital, CSA and Community Renewal"  
The New Realities of: 
*Philanthropy and Gift Money 
*CSA Pooled Loan Fund 
*Local Currencies 
*The Parallel Economy 
*Associative Marketing... 
In the Life of a CSA 
When:  January 12, 13 & 14, 1996 
Where:  Kimberton Waldorf School, West Seven Stars Road, Kimberton, PA 
19442  1(800) 516-7797 / Fax: (610) 983-3196 
Who:  farmers, potential farmers, core group members, general CSA members,
folks trying to start CSA's, etc.  In short, a range of people involved
with and actively interested in CSA's. 
How:  The conference fee is $100 and includes all lectures, workshops, and
several meals.  Cheap-o housing is available.   
Call the 800 number listed under "Where" for more info. 
See you there! 
Sarah Milstein 
milstein at pipeline.com

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