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David Flanagan Writes:

 >> You can still talk about it [permaculture], believe in it, practice
it, and tell people you are practicing it.  <<

 >> So perhaps restricting the use of the word "permaculture" is actually
a good idea, to prevent its meaning from being diluted down to zero, as
has happened with these other words.   <<

Both of these points are very well made as are Rachel's points about
permaculture "mongering" and the dilution of the phrases sustainable
agriculture and agroecology.

First, on the $750 hurdle that folks must jump to get a certificate...
The Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute is awarding permaculture design
certificates to people who will come and work and live with us for a few
weeks.  If they are diligent then they will learn by doing and can have
access to all of the reading they could possibly absorb.

Furthermore, I'm convinced that it's not the system that counts but the
people using it.  Our institute is very often caught between Alan Savory's
HRM and Mollison's permaculture.  I can't remember any more, how many
times I've heard from each camp that the other's "system" is faulty or
just hasn't or doesn't work.

Of course there have been success stories and failures for each system, so
the emphasis and support should be placed on the practitioners and their
intentions more than the "system."

        KIRBY [@ Cross Timbers Permaculture Inst. 817-897-9402]

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