Permaculture definition (was Re: design courses)

David Flanagan david at
Tue Nov 14 11:00:00 EST 1995

Rachel Freifelder writes:

> However, I would amend this statement to "Many of us 
> practice this but we do not call it permaculture because "permaculture" 
> is a copyrighted term, and those of us who are unwilling to shell out 
> $750 for a certification course would be violating the law if we claimed 
> to be doing permaculture."

As I understand it the only restriction on the use of the word is that
you can't claim to be *teaching* permaculture without having taken the
certification course.  You can still talk about it, believe in it,
practice it, and tell people you are practicing it.

> Also, "sustainable agriculture" is a very general term.  It is nearly 
> meaningless these days, 

> "Agroecology" originally meant something very 
> similar to "permaculture", when Miguel Altieri first coined the term, but 
> it too has been coopted by the mainstream.  Again it can mean the 

So perhaps restricting the use of the word "permaculture" is actually a
good idea, to prevent its meaning from being diluted down to zero, as
has happened with these other words.

	David Flanagan

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