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If I may take this opportunity to shamelessly 'plug' my Home Page...


...look at my Design project - using David Holmgren's principles, my project
is titled 'Permaculture Principles applied towards developing a sustainable
family unit'. 

If you look at my approach you'll see that I use observation of patterns as
a basis for my design. 

At 03:04 PM 11/8/95 -0800, Jeff Jacobsen wrote:
>Along these same lines, could someone review the basic principles upon 
>which permaculture is based. If I recall correctly these principles are 
>applicable to areas other than agriculuture.  Or, another take might be 
>to try to abstract some of the recurring patterns that are essential to 
>Jeff Jacobsen		jjj at  
>On Wed, 8 Nov 1995, KELLY MILLIMAN wrote:
>> hi!  i'm a fairly new comer to permaculture and would greatly
>> appreciate any advice from anyone on books (i've got one to read
>> by bill mollison), tapes, and more specifically, courses.  i live
>> in arlington, virginia (united states) in a small apartment
>> complex (not much to work with).  i only know a smidget about
>> permaculture but find it very attractive & truly interesting -
>> something i feel i should know more about.
>> anyway, enough blabbering.  hope to hear from someone soon. 
>> thanx!
>> kelly
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