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>Thanks Don,
>A couple more questions ...
>We have upland willows (I forget their exact name) on the property. 
>Should I use a branch from one of them or find a weeping willow which I 
>know really stays close to water?  

Should work. It is a fork you want and there is a knack in holding the
two branchs one in each hand (palms up) with the end of the fork pointing
away from you.

If you get a strong pull downward on the fork I would suggest you then get
some wire about 18 inches long and put a bend in it about 4" from one end.
This seems to pull in the direction the water is moving. You may also be 
able to determine the width of the stream. Walk back and forth, across the
direction of the stream, and see where to get the pull from. Mark this on 
the ground. Go for the centre of the two marks.

One of my friends tried a number of different materials before he found
one that worked for him. Go somewhere there is already a proven site and
try there. 

>It sure would be nice if I could find an underground stream or perched 
>aquafer and tap into that without going too deep.  According to plant 
>indicators we should have water showing up within fifteen feet (various 
>reeds, the willows, etc.)  The question is how to tap it.  
>Don, you mentioned that you helped with drilling wells.  What kind of
>rigs?  Bringing in a driller is an expensive operation and in my situation
>I don't think it would get me the best water.  They tend to be getting the
>water from 90ft or more and in all cases people are having to add
>expensive filters to get rid of iron, sulfur, etc.  Given the lay of our
>land I suspect I should be able to tab into a source of faster moving
>water at about 15 ft or so.  Once I've located a good spot for
>digging/drilling the question is one of what are my options;  dig it by
>hand, a driven well, get a small drilling rig, etc.  So far the most
>appealing idea is to go into the side of the hill such that the water
>would flow out on its own.  Not sure how this is done, providing I can
>find the right location. 
I have done some drilling with a friend who had a small tractor driven
Auger system and he put down lots of bores around Perth. (Post hole digger)

I have also used a high pressure hose to drill with. Use an inch piece of
pipe about 5 foot to start with, and add to it. you can prove the depths 
etc. and then decide how to develop it. 

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