org. strawberry and veg. production (tomato, pepper, cucurb. etc)

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Thu Nov 2 20:27:06 EST 1995

Are there any medium-size to large-scale production systems in California 
Florida or elsewhere that have a track record for profitable 
production/marketing of strawberries, tomato, pepper, etc. in which :

1.	Crop rotation is used
2.	or  Compost (of any type) or animal manure is used
3.	or organic mulchs, or green 'smother' crops are used for weed control
4.	or  compost extracts are applied to soils and/or foliage
5.	and NO METHYL BROMIDE is used pre-plant.

I would like to cite a few examples of such systems (giving the acreage, 
crop yield(s), and length of time such system has been operating, along 
with the specific aspects of the system that appear to be successful in 
terms of rotation crops, compost(s): rates, types, and any information 
about its maturity or stability.  This will be useful to illustrate how 
some growers have successfully gone beyond Methyl Bromide and trully 
found alternatives.             Thanks in advance for any and all examples.

- Pat Millner
	Bldg. 318
	Beltsville, MD. 20705

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