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           Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy People

                       Rodale Institute
            611 Siegfriedale Rd., Kutztown, PA 19530
            Tel: (610) 683-1400  Fax: (610) 683-8548

November 2, 1995

Rodale Institute is soliciting collaboration with U.S. Land Grant
University faculty members in soil science, agronomy, rural
sociology, agricultural economics, and others interested in working
on soil management research in Guatemala and/or Senegal through the
Institute's projects in those countries.

This collaboration would occur as part of the Soil Management
Collaborative Research Support Program (SM-CRSP).  Work in Senegal
and Guatemala supported by the SM-CRSP is required to be relevant as
well to the U.S.  The timeframe for submission of a five-page
preproposal is November 17th.

Rodale Institute has a number of assets which could be useful in
such a collaboration.  These include, among others:

*  Our  projects in Senegal, a semi-arid tropical environment, and
in northern Guatemala, a humid, tropical lowland environment.  These
projects have established strong working relationships with national
research institutes, national extension services, more than 100
farming communities, and other non-government and multilateral
institutions.  The projects provide an excellent infrastructure
through which to conduct applied research on soil management that is
relevant and accessible to farming communities.

*  A 15-year old farming systems trial at the Rodale Institute in
eastern Pensylvania that has compared conventional to
manure-based/legume corn-soybean-small grain systems, with good
results to date in terms of comparable yields and differences in soil

*  A four-year old compost utilization trial (CUT) at the Institute
using seven management treatments covering 28 acres, and monitored
with 68 lysimeters.

*  Significant publishing and information exchange capacity.

Interested faculty members may contact Jonathon Landeck, Global
Program Director, by telephone (610-683-1475) or at the following
email address, as soon as possible:

jlandeck.inbox at

Thank you for your interest.

Jonathon Landeck
Global Programs Director
Rodale Institute

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