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Gil Hardwick gil at
Sun Aug 27 07:57:12 EDT 1995

>Joel asked about PC sites.
>Here is what I am aware of; and what we are doing; fill in the 
>huge gaps, so we all know what the state of play is. Many 
>people will be wanting to visit various sites on their way to 
>IPC6 in Sep 96, so we need to know what is going on.

I will second Warwick's list, at least for here in WA. There are some
very good farms here indeed, very well worth the visit although never
having been "Permaculture" farms.

Some of our budding Permanent Agriculturalists in particular would
benefit from spending some time looking at such places, and working
on them if they get the chance, preferably before going back up to
the city to obtain their 72 Hour Design Certificate.


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