Gil Hardwick gil at landmark.iinet.net.au
Sun Aug 20 19:01:47 EDT 1995

>Graham Bell here.  Hallo.  Web wandering and working it out.  Pages soon to come
>I don't detect any coherent Permaculture presence on the web,
>and am moved to work this up.  Ideas? Response?  

There appears to be the usual gaggle & hype of activists, organisers
and global support persons strutting their stuff, but nobody doing
anything useful like getting their own food onto their own dinner

As usual . . .  :-(((((


The next person they spied was a bandicoot carrying a watermelon. At
first glance you would have thought it was merely a watermelon walking
by itself, but a second glance would have shown you that the walking
was being done by a small pair of legs attached to the watermelon, and
a third glance would have disclosed that the legs were atteched to a
bandicoot.                           Norman Lindsay, The Magic Pudding

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