Getting started...

Michael Morel - HTMG/F93 mmorel at
Sat Sep 10 12:44:57 EDT 1994

Hello fellow Permaculturists,

I will first introduce myself (for I have been lurking for a couple of 
months now).  I call myself Mike Morel and I am a university student up 
in Canada.

About six months ago, I was flicking through my parents TV to see if 
there was documentary, or something similar of interest, on.  I happened 
upon a white bearded guy who was showing a new way of life.  The cord he 
struck in me was one of shock!  What he was describing was exactly the 
sort of world I want to live in.   So, that next weekend I went on a 
determined hunt for more information on this bizarre way of life called 
"Permaculture".  My first stop took me to the library, where the exact 
book by this white bearded Bill Mollison was found.  Unfortunately there 
were 17 holds on the book - I still may not have had a good at it.  So I 
went to the book store and ordered it, rationalizing that this really 
isn't a whim, but rather an investment into my future.

Well, since then I have been ploughing through the textbook.  I now 
notice things that will help make this work for me in the future, so I 
will try to integrate them into my lifestyle.

Unfortunately, being a starving student, my dream will be a slow process 
of building, rather than something I can just jump directly into.

I guess what I am after is stories on how other people have gotten into 
Permaculture.  Are you living it?  Or are you just integrating small 
pieces of it into your existing life?  How did you develop it into your 
life?  What were some of your set-backs?  How does you work and family 
fit into all of this?

I thank you for your time and effort.


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