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Malcolm Abel cabel at
Wed Sep 14 06:01:49 EDT 1994

>On Wed, 7 Sep 1994, Steve Diver wrote:
>> To permaculture-mg:
>> This is a call for assistance in developing a 'Permaculture FAQ'.
etc. etc.

>> If you have any ideas or comments on this Permaculture FAQ,
>> let's hear 'em.

To which Lawrence F. London, Jr, replied:

>How about someone building permaculture multimedia WebPages (WWW). :-)
...more discussion deleted.

I am very interested in permaculture, and related topics and would be happy
to compile some Permaculture WWW pages, I am sure they could be located on
my local site (

There is a fair bit of introductory material published by the Permaculture
Institute in Australia, (they have an address somewhere on the Pegasus
network). does anyone know how much of this might be useful for the FAQ and
WWW.  I will drop them a line if I don't hear back from this list first.

I have created a few WWW pages for my employers as well as other MM stuff
and have use of all the necessary hardware and software.  I also help
publish the local LETS newsletter and have been thinkng of some LETS WWW
stuff too.

I don't seem to get much mail from this list (I must be one of the most
distant subscribers) so if I've missed some other discussion on this topic
let me know.



Malcolm Abel
Technician, Dept of Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology, University of New
England, Australia.

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