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On Fri, 7 Oct 1994, Victor Guest wrote:

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Victor, can you tell us how we may subscribe to your permaculture
mailing list in OZ?

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> Subject: Re: Getting started...

> Hi I would like to break into this discussion, and ask if through this
> mail list we might consider getting a news group organised. I may be out 
> of order as my knowledge of the net is limited.

I have thought about this myself and the newsgroup name:
alt.agriculture.permaculture seems appropriate. If you or someone else 
will write the statement of purpose for the group I'll have the newsgroup 
formed here at my newssite.

> I have seen postings by people who asked about a permaculture news group
> and I couldn't tell them of one.
alt.sustainable.agriculture is currently being used for that purpose; of 
course, permaculture-related articles appear in sanet-mg, 
alt.agriculture.misc, and elsewhere.

> I know there is an FAQ being worked on for a WEB server, as we are well
> down that track in Perth Western Australia.
I have a permaculture information Gopher here at sunSITE. I'd like to 
archive your FAQ when it's completed. Several of are working on one here 
in the U.S.

> This will help cater for people who are in the GETTING STARTED field as 
> well as a forum to network more Permaculture.

It would be a big help in answering questions about permaculture that 
arise on the net. The regular posting of FAQs would be an important part
of educating the public.

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