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>Hi Mike, and all. 
>I find it best to add a piece at a time as you are comfortable and feel the

Hi I would like to break into this discussion, and ask if through this
mail list we might consider getting a news group organised. I may be out 
of order as my knowledge of the net is limited.

I have seen postings by people who asked about a permaculture news group
and I couldn't tell them of one.

I know there is an FAQ being worked on for a WEB server, as we are well
down that track in Perth Western Australia.

This will help cater for people who are in the GETTING STARTED field as 
well as a forum to network more Permaculture.

>I've been learning about Permaculture for 6-8 years now, and i think it is a
>continually evolving field.  Each of us can increase our web of knowledge
>about the processes which surround us and our part in them for as long as
>we're here.  

I was working on sustainability on my farm, and on Permaculture since 
I left the farm, so some of my experiences are similar to you Bill.

I have had access to Internet for about 2 years.

I now also wish I had my grand parents to talk to about their experience
particularly during the depression, when the farm was almost a fully
contained unit.

I still have a memory of all of the smells and tastes.

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