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>Victor, can you tell us how we may subscribe to your permaculture
>mailing list in OZ?

Well up to date this is a closed list, and I have written to the list
to ask for permission to include you on the list.

A list server has been compiled and should be available for this job.

>> Cc: permaculture-mg at
>> Subject: Re: Getting started...
>> Hi I would like to break into this discussion, and ask if through this
>> mail list we might consider getting a news group organised. I may be out 
>> of order as my knowledge of the net is limited.
>I have thought about this myself and the newsgroup name:
>alt.agriculture.permaculture seems appropriate. If you or someone else 
>will write the statement of purpose for the group I'll have the newsgroup 
>formed here at my newssite.

My thoughts on this are that maybe we should take the agriculture out of
it so that it doesn't get tooo long.
I envision that we would have news groups which reflect the diversity of
permaculture. Also to help us define the FAQ's.

I see things MAYBE!!! developing along these lines.

alt.permaculture.small animals
alt.permaculture.culture.Re-evaluation co-counselling
          \             .Ethnic
          [:-)>         .ETC.........
Once again I have posted this to the Perma list for comment, discussion and

>> I have seen postings by people who asked about a permaculture news group
>> and I couldn't tell them of one.
>alt.sustainable.agriculture is currently being used for that purpose; of 
>course, permaculture-related articles appear in sanet-mg, 
>alt.agriculture.misc, and elsewhere.
>> I know there is an FAQ being worked on for a WEB server, as we are well
>> down that track in Perth Western Australia.
>I have a permaculture information Gopher here at sunSITE. I'd like to 
>archive your FAQ when it's completed. Several of us are working on one here 
>in the U.S.

We have offered to be part of compiling the FAQ's and to cache it here.
The webserver is up and running and an area for permaculture is being 
prepared with the Faq's being a part of that.

>> This will help cater for people who are in the GETTING STARTED field as 
>> well as a forum to network more Permaculture.
>It would be a big help in answering questions about permaculture that 
>arise on the net. The regular posting of FAQs would be an important part
>of educating the public.

We have a membership list of 726, with the new one ready to come out.
The numbers on E-mail is growing expotentially, and we expect to nab a heap
more at the AGM-community day-Christmas party, to be held at the Edith
Cowan University, on the 15th(16) of Nov.

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