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> There is another offering of this same course on Permaculture
> being held here in Virginia at Springtree Community,
> Scottsville, VA.  If anyone is interested in an east coast
> location, let me know.  I think that the dates are late June.
> Will call them and try to post the exact information.  
> -- 
> Margaret Merrill
> Jefferson Madison Regional Library
> 201 E. Market St.
> Charlottesville, VA  22902-5287
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I just attended a permaculture with Peter and Chuck as instructors.  
They did a fantastic job, well worth the price and opportunity.  
Excellent introduction to the interdisciplinary ecological 
agriculture, with many very useful and practical tidbits of 
information and design suggestions.  I would recommend you 
browse/read abook on Permaculture before you arrive so that you dont 
feel totally shell-shocked by all the information.  Any of the three 
books on the list, or Permaculture 2, or Intro to permaculture are 
excellent texts.  I am a PhD candidate in epidemiology working in 
the Agroecosystem Health Program here at U. of Guelph, Ontario, 
Canada.  Permaculture is an excellent example of a healthy 
agroecosystem.  I am looking at how agricultural landuse practices 
(such as pesticide and fertilizer, both organic and inorganic) are 
affecting ground and surface water quality and subsequently human 
health by mapping available information for Ontario in GIS format. If 
anyone else is working on this, I would enjoy the pportunity to 
correspond and discuss issues.  Thanks.  And I hope the permaculture 
course goes well.   

John VanLeeuwen
AGroecosystem Health
211 Blackwood Hall, U. of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
ph (519) 824-4120 X3675
fax (519) 763-4684
email johnv at

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