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Fundamentals of Permaculture  Design Course

August 5 - 12

Acorn Farms
Belleville Wisconsin

What is Permaculture ?

Permaculture is the design of agriculturally productive ecosystems.  It is
the har-monious (and beautiful!) integration of landscape and people,
providing food, energy, shelter, and recreation in a sustainable way.  

Permaculture design is a system of assembling information, energy, plants,
animals, and building materials into an evolving ecology patterned after
the systems of nature.  It is the best of the old and the new, traditional
wisdom and computer networking.  It is based on observing and working with
nature, it is different for each site and each client.

The Permaculture Design Course.

Permaculture education itself has evolved since the early 70's; over 300
design courses and many more weekend workshops have been held all over the
world.  We will be using the 8 day format; this allows enough time to
present the basic principles of permaculture, as well as practical, hands
on exercises.   A second 8 day course will be offered later and will
emphasize design methodology, broad-scale applications, farming, regional
planning, village development, and will be aimed at design and teaching

What are the topics ?

Subjects include fundamentals of ecology, site development, plants,
animals, structures, zone and sector analysis, energy, water, and
appropriate use of tools.  Emphasis will be placed on practical solutions! 
Part of each day will be classroom discussion, held in shady pine grove,
part will be in small groups to focus on individual interests, including
mapping and drawing, basic construction techniques, solar design and
assembly, garden ecology, plant propagation, wildcrafting herbs and food
preservation, etc. 

Who are the instructors ?

Peter Bane publishes the "Permaculture Activist," the permaculture journal
for North America.  He has documented permaculture projects all over the
world.  He now makes his home in the green hills of middle Tennessee, where
he is developing a forest farm and permaculutre settlement on 145 wooded

Chuck Marsh is a landscape horticulturist,                     permaculture
designer, and teacher in North Carolina.  His interest is in developing
regionally adapted, agro-ecosystems.  He has years of experience in site
analysis, design, and development.

Why Acorn Farms ?

Acorn Farms is located 20 miles southwest of Madison Wisconsin, in the
Driftless Bioregion.  Located "on the edge" in many ways - the edge of the
great glaciers, providing a mix of steep topography, rolling hills and
fertile bottomlands, the edge of prairies, the edge of the great north
woods, and the edge of urban sprawl as Madison pushes outward.  The
challenge is to provide sustainable to produce the food,
fuel, and fiber our exploding population will require without compromising
the natural beauty and non-renewable resources this make this area so
Acorn Farms is on the edge of its own development.orchard and asparagus
plantings began in 1986, small fruit and nuts have been added each year
since.  Hundreds of varieties are on trial, searching for those best
adapted to this site.  The home is a blend of passive solar, radiant slab,
and super-insulated technologies.80% of construction materials are

Recommended readings:

Permaculture by Bill Mollison
Tree Crops by J.R.Smith
Your Edible Landscape by R. Kourik.

All books are available through the
 Permaculture Activist (615) 583-2294

How much & where do I sign up ?

The 8 day course is $525.00.  This fee includes tuition, superb vegetarian
meals, camping space, a subscription to the "Permaculture Activist," and
lots of fun.  There will be four bedrooms available at additional cost. 
There is a $50.00 discount for full payment  by June 15.  Some work-study
opportunites and barter are negotiable.  Preregistration is $150.00,
non-refundable.  If interested please contact: 
	Martin  Jelenc c/o Acorn Farms
	760 Hwy 92, Belleville WI 53508	
         (608) 832 - 6277, early morning is best

What should I bring ?

-	A commitment to implementing
	sustainable living practices
-	Information on your bioregion and areas of interest 
-	Notebooks and pens
-	Slides, photographs or videos of projects or ideas related to        
-	Field guides and reference materials
-	Lightweight comfortable work clothes 
-	Your own coffee cup	
-	Camping equipment 
-	Sun protection and mosquito repellant
-	If you like, your bike, canoe, musical instruments or toys
-	Please leave all pets at home!

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