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Victor Guest vic at
Fri Jun 3 15:22:45 EDT 1994

Dear Larry,
            If any members of permaculture-mg are in Western Australia
during August 13/14th September 10/11th October 8/9th November 12/13th
or December 10/11th the Land Management Eco Tours at $198 inclusive are 
excellent value.
Wineries, reaforrestation, Emu farms, Holistic Farm design, Mining 
rehabilitation and a visit to the State Dryandra Forrest are all part
of this tour.
     The Farm Management Society actively fosters:- Innovative land 
Management Systems and Practices. Sustainable Rural Productivity.
Community Vitality. Active stewardship of the Enviroment.
Victor Guest   V.G. and A-M Guest              Perth, Western Australia
vic at                       3 McKee Plce Kingsley
                ----: Sustainable Agriculture :----   Tel. (09) 3092108
      ----: The Land Management Society & Permaculture :----
ps. any groups @cleo who would like to see W.A. farmers  in action please

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