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More information: Chris Shirley (610) 791-9683 cdshirley at

New Farm Editors Launch Website

Two former editors of The New Farm magazine have 
launched Sustainable Farming Connection, an
interactive World Wide Web site where farmers and
others forging more sustainable food systems can
find and share valuable information.

"Our site offers innovative production and marketing 
stories to help you cut costs, improve soil, protect the 
environment and add value to healthy food," says site 
author Craig Cramer.  The SFC webpages include commentary 
by rural writers such as Gene Logsdon, timely news and 
action alerts, archived material and links to other key 

Discussion groups also provide a forum for farmers to ask 
questions, exchange tips and "talk" with others about 
topics of importance to them.

Rural Internet access has soared in recent months, notes 
Cramer.  "With a website, we can reach more farmers and 
bring them even more of the practical information they 
want than we could in print.  Instead of getting an issue 
every couple of months, readers will want to check in 
daily to see what's new. 

"We're calling on farmers and other ag professionals with 
Internet access to serve as information 'hubs' to help 
spread the word to others," he adds.

SunSITE at University of North Carolina has 
volunteered to host Sustainable Farming Connection.  
Support from the Wallace Genetic Foundation and the 
encouragement of many well-known organizations 
including the Wallace Institute for Alternative 
Agriculture also have played key roles in the site 
debut, notes fellow editor Christopher Shirley.  
"Your 'on-site' comments will help ensure we meet 
your needs," he says. 

Stop in for a visit at:

For more information about the site and sponsorship information, contact:

Christopher Shirley
cdshirley at
Committee for Sustainable Farm Publishing
609 S. Front St.
Allentown PA 18103
(610) 791-9683 

This news release is also available at:


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