A real, first CSARE/SAEd-Share-L face-to-face opportunity (fwd)

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 I have put this on the Perma list as a suggestion for PAWA to look at

Dear SAEd-Share-L subscribers;

Something special is happening -- and may fulfill one of the 'wishes' of
the evaluation/futuring exercise: for SAEd-Share-l subscribers to meet
face-to-face to discuss sustainable agriculture education.

>TO: CSARE Members and Friends
>FROM: Elizabeth Bird, Organization and Development Director
>RE: June 1997 Conference and First CSARE Members Meeting -- PLEASE COME!


You are invited to meet other participants in various projects of the
Consortium for Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (CSARE), of
which SAEd-Share-L is a project of the Education Task Force.

I have posted, below, the announcement from Elizabeth Bird, CSARE, which
has been distributed to people involved in projects other than SAEd. I
would love to use this opportunity to organize a Sustainable Agriculture
Education discussion or planning session or whatever. However, I am
committed to attending the Convergence participatory action research
conference in Colombia, SA that same week in June. My sincere regrets. The
schedule looks great.

But I encourage you to do something yourself or with others. Please use the
list to discuss 'what' and 'why' with other subscribers.

(The end of this post discusses the in's, out's and why's of CSARE
membership, if you are interested. You do not need to be, nor do you
become, a member of CSARE to subscribe to SAEd-Share-L.)

-- Nancy GS

ELizabeth says:

>I'd be delighted if people wanted to put something together.  Thursday
>afternoon or Sunday afternoon (essentially pre or post conference) might be
>good times.  We can get a room reserved if someone lets me know what's
>happening.  EB

And now the invitation below:
>DATE: April 15, 1997
>TO: CSARE Members and Friends
>FROM: Elizabeth Bird, Organization and Development Director
>RE: Conference and First CSARE Members Meeting -- PLEASE COME!
>The first major CSARE event will occur this June.  Mark your calendars for
>June 5-8!  The Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society is holding its
>annual joint meeting with the Association for the Study of Food and Society
>here in Madison, so we're taking advantage of a great opportunity to host
>several CSARE conference sessions, a CSARE members' reception and meeting,
>and several CSARE task force meetings.  We want you to come join us for
>several delightful days of community building, stimulating discussion and
>learning, and just plain fun.
>A brief description of the conference, and registration and housing
>reservation forms are enclosed.  If you haven't gotten the full brochure (i=
>went only to CSARE members in the U.S.) you can ask us for it or get it off
>the Web: http://www.wisc.edu/cias/conf.html.  The preliminary program is
>available there as well.  Highlights of CSARE involvement in the conference
>are described below.
>Membership:  A member form is enclosed.  Please note the date on your
>envelope label to see when your last annual dues was due.  If there's no
>date there, it means you haven't yet joined! We are strapped for cash and
>very much in need of a new infusion of dues to cover newsletter mailings.
>Please respond as you are able.  Unfortunately, since CSARE is not actually
>a joint sponsor of the conference, your member dues are entirely separate
>from conference registration.
>CSARE Conference Highlights
>THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 5 -- CSARE Reception.  Get acquainted with staff,
>Governing Council and other CSARE members from around the country.
>FRIDAY EVENING -- hopefully we're going to get a contra/square dance event
>SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 7 -- CSARE Co-sponsored theatrical event:  Rural Voi=
>Also before and after the conference, various CSARE task force and Governin=
>Council meetings
> CSARE sponsored conference panels and sessions
=88 Institutional Reward Policies (I and II): Implications for Moving Food a=
>Agricultural Systems Toward Sustainability

>Katherine Barrett, Elizabeth Bird, Lorna Butler, Gerry Campbell, Dennis
>Keeney, Patrick Madden, Carolyn Raffensperger, Ted Bartlett, Laura Lengnick=
>Len Bull
=88 Multi-Professional/Multi-Disciplinary Research and Education Paula Ford,
 Rick Klemme, Mike Salinas, Jim Worstell
=88 Federal Agricultural Research: Policy, Performance, and Impacts on
>Sustainability  Juli Baker, Margaret Krome, Barbara Meister, Neill
>Schaller, Jim Worstell
=88 Building Community to Support Sustainable Agriculture R&E
>John Allen, Kate Duesterberg (invited), Cornelia Flora, John Gardner
>and Dan McGrath (invited)
=88 Can Farmers and Institutional Researchers Conduct Research Together?
>Felder Freeman, Diane Kaufman (invited), Jeana Myers, David Oien, Dan
>McGrath, Barbara Rusmore, Savanah Williams
=88 Technology Assessment Praxis
>Sam Alessi, John Allen, Brad Barham, Elizabeth Bird, Fred Buttel, Doug
>Jackson-Smith, Ray Jussaume, John Allen and Clare Hinrichs
>Other conference sessions featuring CSARE members:

>=B7 Accomplishments and Challenges in Increasing the Relevance and
>Responsiveness of Agricultural Research (Barbara Rusmore)

>=B7 Agricultural Biotechnology: Discourses, Narrative Structures, and Ethic=
>Issues  (Fred Buttel)

>=B7 Building Local Food Policy Organizations (Kate Clancy)

>=B7 Cooperative Extension and Sustainable Agriculture (Cornelia Flora,
>Margaret Krome, Neill Schaller and Doug Johnson)

>=B7 Food Regimes, Commodity Chains, Commodity Subsectors, and Food Networks
>(Larry Busch)

>=B7 Food System Localization and Globalization Realities  (Gail Feenstra,
>Jack Kloppenburg, Patricia Allen)

>=B7 Gender Issues in Sustainable Agriculture (Cornelia Flora, Carolyn Sachs
>and Patricia Allen).

>=B7 Historical Development of Agricultural Institutions (Stuart Shulman)

>=B7 Industrialization and Globalization of Agriculture and Food (Bill Heffe=

>=B7 Livestock Industrialization and the Environment (Rick Welsh and David

>=B7 Organic, Sustainability and Community Supported Agriculture Movements
>(Laura DeLind, Neva Hassanein, Mike Bell)

>=B7 Power and Control in the Food System (Elizabeth Barham)

>=B7 Structural Change in Dairy Agriculture (Doug Jackson-Smith and Fred But=

>=B7 The Soul of Agriculture: A New Production Ethic for the 21st Century (P=
>Thompson, Kate Clancy, Neill Schaller and Michelle Miller)

>=B7 Workshop on Participatory Action Research (Gil Gillespie)
>Elizabeth Ann R. Bird, Ph.D.
>Organization and Development Director,
>Consortium for Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
>c/o Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
>1450 Linden Dr. Room 146
>University of Wisconsin
>Madison, WI  53706
>FAX 608-265-3020
>Internet: eabird at facstaff.wisc.edu

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