[monkeywire] Vegan “Bones” Star Emily Deschanel Asks Waxman To Help Chimps

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Thu Jun 25 10:22:56 EDT 2009


Vegan “Bones” Star Emily Deschanel Asks Waxman To Help Chimps

Michael Parrish DuDell @ 11:22 am

Bones star and one of Ecorazzi’s Top 5 Vegans  of 2009 Emily Deschanel
is speaking out on behalf of chimps.

Deschanel recently wrote a letter to California congressman Rep. Henry
Waxman urging him to cosponsor the Town-Reichart Great Ape Protection
Act, which was introduced in a House health subcommittee that is part
of the Waxman-chaired Committee on Energy and Commerce.

This legislation would phase out “invasive scientific research” on
chimpanzees and also release federally owned apes to chimpanzee

In the letter, Emily writes:

“This legislation would allow about 500 chimpanzees to live their
remaining years in sanctuaries. They could form bonds with other
chimpanzees, bask in the sunlight, and feel the grass and the earth.
That’s the least we can do for chimpanzees, our species’ closest
living relatives.”

Could this chick be any cooler? I ask you that! I ASK YOU THAT!!!

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