[monkeywire] Conchita the Monkey Uses Teddy Bear for Mother

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Photos & Video: Conchita the Monkey Uses Teddy Bear for Mother
By Jennifer Cox
May 5, 2008

An endangered baby monkey Conchita, (a white-naped monkey who is the second
ever born in captivity) has taken on a teddy bear as his momma. When its
mother deserted the rare newborn monkey, keepers bought it a teddy bear to
act as comforter and surrogate mom for the adorable little creature.
Conchita the Monkey Uses Teddy Bear for Mother
Conchita the Monkey Uses Teddy Bear for Mother

Curator Malcolm Fitzpatrick told reporters: "Conchita's birth is vitally
important and we had to make sure she survived."  Born in the London Zoo,
Conchita the monkey is likely one of the more adorable little marsupials in
the zoo, as it bounces around its enclosure and hugs its caregivers.

The UK Times Online reports, "The teddy bear is now a bit poo-ey and smelly
but to the baby it is her own special smell which reassures the animal. The
baby recognizes the smell, it's a comfort to her. Washing the teddy would
make it unrecognizable."

A video from the BBC is here:

...and there are lots of photos here:

   When Conchita's mother Leonie abandoned her after becoming ill during the
birth, the tiny little baby monkey fell critically ill.  According to the
BBC report, zookeeper Andrea Payne found a teddy bear to use to help raise
little Conchita.

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