[monkeywire] Wisconsin Chimps Raise Cancer Awareness

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Fri Apr 20 09:38:20 EDT 2007


Chimp Artists Help Raise Awareness About Head, Neck Cancer

Thu Apr 19, 9:33 PM ET
A cancer exhibit at University of Wisconsin Hospital is attracting
attention, thanks to some unlikely artists.

This week is National Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week, and one of
those seeking to support the effort is a survivor of tonsil cancer,
WISC-TV reported.

Mary Schmidt is a primate keeper at the Vilas Park Zoo, and she thought
some artwork provided by her chimps would be perfect for a silent auction
that's helping raise funds for head and neck cancer research.

UW officials agreed with the idea, and Schmidt's chimps, Casey, Cooky and
Magadi, began laying paint to canvas.

"The first thing that went through my mind is, 'Fun!'" said Peggy
Wiederholt, the head and neck cancer coordinator at UW Health. "Cancer is
something serious. It affects every family. It's a tragedy in every
family, and getting through that experience requires support. It requires
love and it requires laughter, and this helped bring some love and
laughter into a very serious event."

Wiederholf said that some 43,000 Americans are expected to become ill with
head and neck cancer this year, and most are brought on by a combination
of smoking and drinking, WISC-TV reported.

For more information about the effort, visit the UW Health Web site.

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