[monkeywire] Monkey Excapes Zoo, Rides A Bus, Then Bites A Woman

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Wed Apr 4 23:39:29 EDT 2007

Monkey Excapes Zoo, Rides A Bus And Then Bites A Woman
April 4, 2007 10:35 a.m. EST

Mexico city, Mexico (AHN) - In a bizarre chase 
for zoo officials, a spider monkey not only 
escaped from a Mexico City zoo but also boarded a 
bus. If this was not enough for his antics, the 
monkey also attacked a passenger during its ride.

According to Red Cross officials, the monkey 
boarded the bus at about 11 pm Monday after 
escaping from the San Juan de Aragon Zoo. It then 
sat next to the bus driver for almost an hour as 
he drove through the city.

However, when a 20-year-old woman tried to hold 
him, it scratched and bit her. According to 
Mexican news agencies, the woman was treated for 
the injuries the monkey inflicted and the animal 
was placed in quarantine.

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