[monkeywire] Escaped monkey found in old folks' home

gregory nahas lettherebemonkeys at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 21 14:00:32 EDT 2003


Escaped monkey found in old folks' home 

A monkey that escaped from a circus was found at a old
people's home being fed bananas by residents.

Police in Bremen received a call from Zirkus Adolfo in
the evening saying a rhesus monkey called Mogly had
gone missing.

They began a search, and soon heard a monkey was
stealing fruit and vegetables at a nearby old people's

According to a police statement, they arrived to find
the place "buzzing with excitement".

"A group of elderly ladies was delightedly feeding
little Mogly bananas and other treats," a spokesman

The monkey allowed itself to be put on a leash and led
back home by a circus tamer.

"And some of the ladies probably took a little longer
to fall asleep that night," the police spokesman said.

Story filed: 10:53 Tuesday 21st October 2003

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