[monkeywire] Peta to Robbie: Drop That Chimp!

Paula Carino pcarino at rcn.com
Wed Oct 15 00:04:41 EDT 2003


Animal rights group wants Robbie to drop chimp from video

An animal rights group is demanding that Robbie Williams remove footage of a
chimpanzee with a gun from his live show.

Peta, People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, has written to the singer
asking for the clip to be dropped before he starts the second half of his
world tour.

They claim the film promotes the mistreatment of animals in the
entertainment industry.

When he performs his seven-minute song Me And My Monkey, four large video
screens behind the stage show the chimpanzee playing with a pistol.

The chimp repeatedly points the gun at his head and puts the barrel in his

In the letter, Dan Mathews, Peta's global vice-president, says: "Robbie, we
felt sure you would want to be informed of the inherent cruelties
chimpanzees and other great apes endure when snatched from their natural
environment and forced into the entertainment trade. Please consider
removing the film from your show."

Robbie's show was seen by 1.3million fans in the first half of his 2003
world tour alone, says The Sun.

He kicks off the tour's second half later this month, when he will play
Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Eastern Europe, Australia and
New Zealand.

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