[monkeywire] Homeless monkey arrested in Russia

Carrie McLaren carrie at stayfreemagazine.org
Fri May 30 12:53:30 EDT 2003

Homeless monkey arrested in Russia

Story filed: 10:05 Friday 30th May 2003

A monkey has reportedly been arrested as a tramp in Russia after 
joining a group of homeless people.

Gosha, a macaque, was bought by a rich family in Biysk, eastern 
Siberia, but was kicked out of their home after becoming 
uncontrollable, IMA-Press reported.

The monkey lived on the streets for months and was befriended by a 
group of homeless people.

Police arrested him after a raid on house where homeless people were squatting.

Police officials said they would settle Gosha in Novosibirsk Zoo 
because it was too expensive to "extradite" him back to Africa.

Carrie McLaren
Editor, Stay Free!

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