[monkeywire] Abandoned marmoset gets a toy mum

Carrie McLaren stay.free at verizon.net
Thu Jul 24 19:00:53 EDT 2003

Toy monkey stands in for marmoset's mum
Updated 23 July 2003, 18.46

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When Marmite the tiny monkey was born, his mum didn't take to him.

The rare tufted-ear marmoset was left on his lonesome - until his 
keepers brought in a toy monkey to keep him company.

In the wild, marmosets cling on to their parents.  Marmite's getting 
plenty of cuddles from the toy monkey, so hopefully he won't miss his 
mum too much.

His keepers at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire are hoping that 
Marmite's real mum, Michelle, will grow to like her son.

She rejected him after a particularly painful birth, but she seems to 
be getting better now.

In the meantime, Marmite's keepers are feeding him using a tiny syringe.

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