[monkeywire] Indian politician produces monkey's arm in parliament

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Thu Jul 24 16:16:05 EDT 2003

Indian politician produces monkey's arm in parliament
July 23, 2003

An Indian politician shocked his colleagues in state parliament by 
producing the roasted arm of a monkey during a debate on law and order.

Okram Joy Singh's dramatic gesture in the Manipur Assembly was intended 
to demonstrate the failure of the police force to stop poaching.

He said a wildlife protection group had seized the meat from a woman who 
was selling it openly in front of police headquarters in the state 
capital Imphal.

Poaching in the northeastern state is punishable by up to six years in 
prison, reports the Telegraph of Calcutta.

When the lawmaker, a senior member of the opposition, began unwrapping 
the polythene bag containing the meat, the deputy speaker tried to 
prevent him from doing so saying the stench would be unbearable.

Mr Singh however claimed that it would not raise a stink because it was 
roasted, and went on to place the charred remains of the baby monkey's 
arm on a table.

He wanted to know what action was being taken by the police against the 
woman and accused them of "doing nothing to check killing and sale of 
animals, which are protected by the state Wildlife Protection Act."

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