[monkeywire] RSPCA urges end to monkey experiments

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Tue Jul 1 13:33:02 EDT 2003


RSPCA urges end to monkey experiments

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has stepped 
up pressure on the Government and pharmaceutical industry to find 
alternatives to using monkeys in medical research.

The move follows a report from an expert committee calling for a 
strategy to replace primates in experiments.

A key finding in the report to the Home Office from the Animal 
Procedures Committee was that primate alternatives be "accepted within 
the industry."

RSPCA primatologist Dr Mark Prescott, said: "The RSPCA's goal is an end 
to the use of primates in research and testing and to replace their use 
with humane alternatives.

"Since the majority of primate use continues to be in the development 
and safety testing of pharmaceuticals, it is clear that this is where 
the focus needs to be if major reductions in the use of these 
remarkable animals are to be achieved.

"It is vital that the UK Government, pharmaceutical industry and 
regulatory authorities progresses the APC's recommendations as a matter 
of urgency. The RSPCA believes an end to primate use in safety testing 
should not be beyond the bounds of scientific endeavour in the 21st 

Each year about 3,000 primates are used in UK laboratories, mainly to 
develop and test pharmaceuticals and other medical products. In 2001, 
this accounted for over 82% of the primates used.

Story filed: 17:18 Tuesday 1st July 2003

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