[monkeywire] Berserk monkey attacks 3 women in Quepem

Josh Greenman joshg1973 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 2 15:59:39 EDT 2003


Berserk monkey attacks 3 women in Quepem 



— A male monkey escaped from a cage and went wild, attacking three women at Paddi-Quepem
on Tuesday. The animal was later caught by Canacona Wildlife RFO Luis Fernandes and his
team of forest personnel. Fernandes said the monkey escaped from its master’s cage and
was seen on Monday near the forest department office at Paddi.W hen the animal saw some
women nearby, it began to chase them and attacked three women. Following the news,the
Canacona RFO rushed to Paddi and after a hot chase, succeeded in nabbing the animal. The
monkey has been kept at a cage at Hatipawl-Shisheval in Canacona and will be released in
the Cotigao wildlife sanctuary.

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