[monkeywire] Contribute to Monkeywire Monthly!

Carrie McLaren carrie at stayfreemagazine.org
Sat Jan 18 11:55:26 EST 2003

Hello. We are pleased to announce that it's time for another 
installment of the HUGELY POPULAR Monkey Monthly. The Monthly (which 
comes out yearly) is where we take a break from the hard news and 
compile reviews and other commentary from readers.

If you're on this list, we'd like to hear from you! Send us your 
movie/book/web reviews, monkey stories, excerpts from books/articles, 
and other miscellany. Rules are few, but brevity is appreciated. 
Anything that you think would interest fellow Monkeywire subscribers 
will work. We will edit everything for readability and length.

Deadline: Friday, Feb. 7
Email submissions to: carrie at stayfreemagazine.org

Remember, of course, that you are all free to post news to the list 
at any time: monkeywire at lists.ibiblio.org.


Carrie McLaren and Joe Garden
List Moderators

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