[monkeywire] Monkeys Pig Out on Annual Holiday Feast

Paula Carino pcarino at rcn.com
Mon Dec 1 16:58:02 EST 2003

Story filed: 17:52 Monday 1st December 2003

Nine-course feast laid on for 3,000 monkeys 

A Thai town has laid on a nine-course gourmet extravaganza 
for 3,000 monkeys to thank them for bringing his family good 

Lopburi's 15th annual Chinese Banquet for Monkeys 2003 has 
been held at the Phra Prang, Sam Yod and Pra Karn buddhist 

This year, the banquet, set for two rounds at 10am and 2pm, 
has concentrated on the vegetables and fruits which monkeys 
prefer. A total of 4,400 pounds of fruits were offered to the 
monkeys roaming the area.

It is estimated that over 3,000 monkeys naturally live in the 
town and organisers say most of them have come to the feast.

On the 96-metre long feast table, nine courses including 
monkey hors d'oeuvres, sunflower salad, rainbow jelly, 
hengjia eggs and fried rice monkey were displayed.

The monkeys were also given cola to drink.

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