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Pair of Golden Monkeys Headed to L.A. Zoo
 Rare monkeys like this one will soon be headed to Los Angeles Zoo.LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Zoo will soon be home to pair of endangered golden monkeys all thanks to L.A. Mayor Jim Hahn and the government of China. 

The monkeys are rare. There are only 15-thousand golden monkeys remaining in China. The announcement was made in Beijing. Where the mayor is wrapping up a ten-day Asian tour to promote business and tourism for the city. Mayor says his next goal is to someday bring a pair of giant pandas to the Los Angeles Zoo. 
The agreement that Hahn signed an agreement with Chinese officials is part of to a long-term cultural exchange. 
"I am thrilled to begin discussions to bring these rare animals to the Los Angeles Zoo," Hahn said. "The animals are cultural symbols and will provide residents of Los Angeles with a gateway to China in our own backyard." 
Hahn, who is in Beijing as part of a 10-day trade mission to Asia, has expressed interest in obtaining a pair of giant pandas for the zoo, but the process for winning those animals is slow and fraught with politics. 
So many zoos around the world request a panda loan that Chinese officials ration them out carefully, and require millions in donations to conservation efforts for the endangered animals. 
Ed Maruska, interim director of the zoo, said he was pleased to secure the partnership that would make Los Angeles the first site in the United States to exhibit golden monkeys, known for their blue faces and striking golden fur. 
"Cultural exchanges of this nature are very complex, take time to negotiate but are so rewarding and worth the wait when all the paperwork is completed," Maruska said. 
Under the terms of the agreement, the zoo will work with the China Wildlife Conservation Association on research, training and exchanges of animals and technical expertise. 
Hahn and a delegation of city officials and business leaders began the trade mission in Seoul earlier this week, where the mayor met with South Korean President Kim Dae-jung and discussed efforts by his international trade office to assist Korean businesses getting started in Los Angeles. 
Hahn and the 50-strong delegation will head to Tokyo tomorrow for a news conference with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dodgers pitcher Kazuhisa Ishii. The delegation next will travel to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei. 

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