Monkey snatches baby as mother breastfeeds

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Thu Oct 25 12:36:47 EDT 2001

Agence France Presse
October 25, 2001 Thursday 6:23 AM Eastern Time

HEADLINE: Monkey snatches baby as mother breastfeeds


A young Malaysian mother was stunned when the family's pet monkey 
snatched her baby as she was breastfeeding him and dashed out of the 
house, a report said Thursday.

Cries for help from 24-year-old Rosmani Lilawati Shaari brought three 
sisters-in-law into the chase and the monkey was finally cornered -- 
but it would not give up the month-old baby.

"It refused to let my son go, curling up itself instead while hugging 
my son closer to its chest," said Rosmani.

A 10-minute tug-of-war ensued, with the baby reportedly calm and 
uncrying in the arms of the monkey, a male, which had escaped from a 
leash tying it to a tree.

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