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Tue Oct 16 14:02:53 EDT 2001

The Great Ape Project is seeking an Executive Director.  Description and
contact information below.


The Great Ape Project - International

The Great Ape Project - International is a non-profit, registered 501c3
organization working to raise the legal and moral status of nonhuman great
apes (chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangutans). GAP seeks to include
the nonhuman great apes within the community of equals by establishing for
them the basic protections that only human beings currently enjoy.


-demonstrated experience in nonprofit organization fundraising and management
-a commitment to gaining for nonhuman great apes the change in moral status
sought in the "Declaration on Great Apes"
-a willingness to speak on behalf of nonhuman great apes in a manner that
reflects their worth as individuals, while simultaneously rejecting
the idea that other animals are adequate replacements for exploitation
-creativity, insight, and ability to work with people in a manner conducive
to cohesion and respect
-proficiency in basic computer skills, including email, internet, and basic
management programs
-phone, writing, and speaking skills
-ability to work independently, without close supervision
-initiative in planning and running specific projects


-Short- and long-term strategic planning
-Operational and programming activities
-Developing and maintaining sound financial practices and management
-Marketing and public relations
-Media promotion, follow up and interviews
-Fundraising, including but not limited to grant writing, special events, and
direct communication with donors and potential donors
-Maintaining records and documents, and ensuring compliance with federal,
state and local regulations
-Regularly reporting to the Board and its Managing Committee regarding the
state of the organization, including programmatic, administrative, financial
and personnel matters
-Assisting in the development, production and marketing of the organization's
semi-annual publication
-Networking with and establishing sound working relationships with
organizations, individuals, and others
-Maintaining a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in
the field.
-Informing the board on the condition of the organization and important
factors influencing it.


The Executive Director will hold a full-time, salaried position. Compensation
and benefits commensurate with experience. This position will be executed
from one's home office.


Send resume and letter of interest to:
The Great Ape Project
PO Box 532
Woodbury, CT 06798
Or via email at: gap at (no attachments: please send resume
in plain text form within your email)
Backup email: at

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