Multiplying Monkeys in L.A.

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Mon Oct 1 12:24:58 EDT 2001

Daily Yomiuri (No. 18358)
Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Endangered monkey born at L.A. Zoo

    LOS ANGELES (AP)–A crested capuchin monkey at the Los Angeles Zoo may be 
the first of the endangered species to be born outside of its native Brazil, 
zoo officials said Monday.
    "It may be a world first. We are pretty confident that it is," said 
Michael Dee, the zoo's general curator.
    The rare monkey was born Aug. 11. Zookeepers delayed announcing the 
birth in part to make sure the newborn survived its first month.
    The monkey is one of only a handful in captivity, including others at 
the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois, Dee said. An unknown number survive in their 
native habitat in the rain forests along Brazil's Atlantic seaboard.
    The baby monkey's parents were among five capuchins lent to the zoo in 
January by the Rio Primate Center in Brazil as part of a captive-breeding 
effort. Zookeepers have not yet determined the unnamed newborn's gender.

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