Man was convicted of stealing a baby monkey from a zoo

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Fri Jun 15 00:29:53 EDT 2001

Thursday June 14 2:36 PM ET

'Critter' Kleptomaniac Convicted

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) - A man who testified he was a
kleptomaniac when it came to ``critters'' was convicted of
stealing a baby monkey from a zoo.

Angel Wayne Pratt, 22, was found guilty Wednesday and
sentenced to six months in jail.

Pratt, who said he had 13 snakes, 20 dogs, a bird,
tarantulas and other creatures, had testified he paid $500
to buy the monkey on a roadside. He said he was a
kleptomaniac ``as far as critters are concerned,'' but later
said he meant he was an animal collector.

The Patas monkey, stolen when it was 14 days old, was
returned in poor health and had mental problems, said
Highway 77 Zoo co-owner Karin Koll.

Police found the monkey in July after an officer who had
been called to Pratt's home over an unrelated dispute
spotted an empty cage with a blanket, pacifier and grapes.
Pratt said the grapes were for his Chihuahua.

``You should have seen him trying to feed grapes to that
Chihuahua,'' Officer Tony Meekins said. 

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