Monkey reads paper during bus ride

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Mon Dec 31 09:14:26 EST 2001

Monkey 'reads' conductor's paper during hour-long bus

A monkey in New Delhi took a bus conductor's seat and
pretended to read his newspaper during an hour-long

The Jagriti newspaper says passengers couldn't help
but laugh when they saw it sitting quietly 'reading'.

The conductor says it was so well-behaved he didn't
have the heart to move it.

The monkey carried on ignoring both passengers and the
conductor for the full hour.

"His behaviour was exemplary and I didn't have the
heart to shoo him away," Vijay Bhan, the conductor of
the Delhi Transport Corporation bus, says.

The monkey then got off the bus in an orderly manner
with the other passengers at the last stop. 

Passenger Supriya Mujumdar says: "He was so cute that
anyone could have forgiven him for travelling without
a ticket."

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