Fake crocs fail to keep monkeys away from crops

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Mon Dec 24 09:51:59 EST 2001


 Ananova :   
Fake crocs fail to keep rice fields monkey free 

Farmers in Thailand are failing in their efforts to
use fake crocodiles to scare marauding monkeys from
their rice crops.

The monkeys are not being scared away, but have been
destroying the reptile scarecrows.

Hundreds of monkeys from a forest are raiding rice
fields in Tha Phae district of Satun province.

Police Sergeant Kasen Sanlem said his family's farm
was among those ransacked by the short-tailed monkeys,
who have spent the past three weeks eating up his
unharvested crop.

About 100 other farmers nearby have the same problem,
he said.

"They (the monkeys) are not afraid of people at all
because they outnumber us," Kasem said.

Local belief holds that monkeys are scared of
crocodiles, but for reasons unknown they weren't
convinced by the fake crocodiles some farmers placed
in their fields.

The desperate farmers have asked the Forestry
Department to help solve the problem.


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