Monkeys to be served brandy to keep warm

Carrie McLaren carrie at
Fri Dec 7 18:08:23 EST 2001

[ Thanks to Gregory Nahas for this story. ]

Monkeys to be served brandy to keep them warm

Friday 7th December 2001

Monkeys in an Indian zoo are to be served brandy to keep them warm 
during winter.

Lucknow zoo has requisitioned stocks of brandy from a government 
store to serve its 35 monkeys.

The brandy will be diluted with warm water before being served to the primates.

Newspaper Dainik Ujala says the exact dose will be determined by the 
age and size of the animals.

The authorities say the monkeys will have no problems because of the 
similarity to the human digestive system.

"We don't want to get them drunk. The brandy is meant to prevent the 
poor things from catching a cold and moving around with running 
noses," said the zoo's director B Prabhakar.

This is the first time that serving alcohol to animals has been 
"officially sanctioned" by the zoo. However, zookeepers are said to 
have previously served liquor to the animals unofficially - one of 
the monkeys is said to have developed a whisky habit.

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