TV Listings 12/11-12/17

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Mon Dec 11 19:21:42 EST 2000

Monkeys in general appear to be enjoying a certain cache as they are rapidly 
becoming some of the most hotly pursued "co-stars" in Hollywood! Word on the 
street is that Sarah Michelle Gellar has turned out the cute and cuddly 
Freddie Prinze, Jr. in favor of a cuter and cuddlier capuchin monkey! And 
Jennifer Love Hewitt (after ditching the un-cute and un-cuddly Carson Daly) 
has found true companionship with a golden lion tamarind! Did anyone else 
catch their matching ensembles at the American Billboard Awards? Monkeys are 
definitely in Vogue!

Watch their meteoric rise to super stardom this week:

12/11 TNT at 7 am. Start the day with "ChiPs" as oh-so-sexy Ponch and 
tighty-whitey John crack down on a monkey crime family. Definitely this 
week's Must See.

Also on 12/11 on Cartoon Network at 10 pm, "The Flintstones" will be 
featuring some prehistoric monkey pranks as Fred trades in Pebbles for a 

And, Nickolodeon at 8, "The Wild Thornberries" shows silverback gorillas 
invading a campsite and stealing picnic baskets. Hey, Boo Boo, they're 
stealing your schtick!

12/12 on Nickolodeon at 9 am, We get to meet Mitzi the Flying Monkey! I 
don't know the name of the show, because I forgot to write it down! Direct 
hate mail to number1chicken at!

on Animal Planet at 4 pm, Light a yule log, grab a glass of eggnog and 
gather the family around the tele for an inspirational story of a capuchin 
monkey who, uh, inspires people. On "Pet Story."

12/13 on Animal Planet at 5, grab a box of kleenex and watch "Wild Rescues" 
as they release a captive gorilla back into the wild. So it can invade 
campsites and steal picnic baskets, eh Boo Boo?

Discovery at 6pm, "Three Monkeys" a documentary focusing on White-faced 
capuchins, spider monkeys and howler monkeys. Edu-Cay-shun.

12/14 Nickolodeon at 2:30. "Monkey Business." The show is all about monkeys. 
Every week. Every episode. Just watch it.

12/15 Animal Planet at 1:30 "Amazing Tails" is all about trained monkey 
companions. Hey Monkey! Get me a beer! Or it's out on the streets and back 
to stealing picnic baskets!

also, Lifetime (Television for Women) at 6 am. "Golden Girls" I was lucky 
enough to never have seen this show in the 80s, and I'm certainly not going 
to start watching now, but, if you insist, the episode features Dorothy, 
Stan and a Fake Monkey. Really. You couldn't pay me to watch that.

12/16 on the WB, "Sheena" (yes, that is a Xena knock-off) features gorillas 
in revealing metallic armor battling evil and slipping into comprising 
positions at least once an episode.

12/16 and 12/17 Animal Planet various times, "Untamed Amazonia" will be 
having a howler monkey salsa contest. Ok, no. Not really.

12/17 on ARTS at noon, Did you know one of the "Top 10 Animal Adventures" 
involves Orangutans in Borneo raiding campsites and stealing picnic baskets? 
Watch and learn.

That's it for this week!

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