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As we ride through the unknown journey of the COVID-19 Pandemic and a deeply shaken economy, we all need to figure out new ways to work and earn our living.  With a changing climate, a new economy, and perhaps a different way of living post-pandemic, it may be a good time to re-examine how we work, what we do to earn our dollars, and consider starting a business.  Whether you think you’d be a great consultant, have a product or not-for-profit idea, or want to start a cooperative enterprise or even a farm, you need to know whether or not your personality is well-suited to business ownership, what type of enterprise you can succeed at, and what additional skills and information you need to get started.  This introductory 3 week course will give you a solid foundation, lots of resources to design a thriving enterprise, and, if you do all of your homework, a business plan to get your business launched!


Course Description:

Apply Regenerative/Ecological Design process to design and create a thriving, mission-based business.

How can we use the ethics, principles, and ecological design process (aka permaculture) to design a business where we can earn a right livelihood while also thriving in a post COVID-19 world suffering from climate disruption?  

Do you have the personality to be a business owner/entrepreneur?  If so, what do you need to know, consider, and plan for in order to launch a business that will have a high likelihood of success and a plan for handling failures and hurdles?  

Join Patty Love, Earth Activist Training PDC Graduate and Co-teacher and Certified Permaculture Teacher, for this three-week online course that will help answer these questions.  In this course, Patty weaves together her decade of permaculture study and practice with her formal education in Business and 20 years of successful self-employment.  

Fully participating in this course, including completing homework between classes and utilizing the tools developed, will empower you to be significantly prepared to put your business plan into action.

Course Goals/Students will be able to:

·         Apply Regenerative/Ecological Design process to design and create a thriving, mission-based business

·         Write a business plan that includes business information, marketing plan, financial projections, and supporting documents

·         Create a Plan of Work/Implementation Plan for the business

·         Create an annual review process for the business

·         Understand business funding models including grants, donations, and enterprises

Who this class is for:

*         Unemployed folks thinking about starting a business

*         Hobbyists, artists, and crafters who want to turn their hobby or second income into a thriving business

*         Earth Activists with skills in land management, leadership, or other fields who want to carve their own employment path as an entrepreneur

*         Working for money folks (employees) who are really dissatisfied with their current work

*         Anyone who wandered into self-employment without a plan and wants to get intentional


Registration here: <> &fbclid=IwAR23SLKE9s0a9KPWDVBevYj2yJ9lHoF3PQ3SqS3Gvoj6w1PGW_qnAUNHNNw



What Is Regenerative Business Design?

I designed this Training with the idea that...many people dream of starting their own business without even knowing if they have the personality to be an entrepreneur and without knowing how to get starting creating a viable business and business plan.️  And with the unknown journey through the COVID-19 Pandemic, a shaken economy, and a continually changing climate, how we spend our time and energy is more important than ever.

What You'll Get From Regenerative Business Design

As a Student of Regenerative Business Design, you can expect to take away lots of new knowledge. You can also expect to...

*         Access exclusive content, designed specifically for this Training.

*         Meet new people who are also interested in learning about this subject.

*         Make better, more well-informed decisions with all of your new knowledge.  

*         6 Live Webinars

*         A clear explanation of these key concepts:

o    Regenerative Business Design Process

o    Mission, Vision, Values, and Goal Setting

o    SWOT Analysis

o    The pluses and minuses of various legal structures

o    Possible Organizational Structures

o    Setting up Operations

o    Marketing and Communications Planning

o    Grants and other funding sources

o    Financial Statements - What they are and creating them

o    Writing a Business Plan

o    Developing a Business Review Cycle

o    Creating a Plan of Work and Next Steps

Registration here: <> &fbclid=IwAR23SLKE9s0a9KPWDVBevYj2yJ9lHoF3PQ3SqS3Gvoj6w1PGW_qnAUNHNNw 

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