Fight Climate Change through Farming & Gardening! Groundswell Center Workshop 10/21

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*Agriculture and Climate Change Workshop*
With Mike Biltonen and Jay Smith
Saturday October 21st, 10AM - 3PM
Just Be Cause Center, Ithaca. Sliding Scale: $25-$50.
No one turned away for lack of funds.

We are currently in the midst of witnessing the devastating impacts of
climate change through recent storms Harvey, Irma and Maria. But climate
change has been affecting our farms for several decades now. The science
and data show that there will continue to be dramatic impacts on every
farmer’s ability to grow and distribute food. Agriculture is one of our
greatest tools for reducing and even potentially reversing the effects of
modern industrial society on our global climate, but it's also one of the
greatest contributors to climate change. Something has to give. Come learn
about how we can work together as a community to increase stability and
security in local food production!

This course is geared toward participants with some degree of knowledge
related to growing food, but is open to all.

*It will cover both urban and rural landscapes, and include information on
crop production, soil health, water conservation, and farm design, as well
as strategies for increased urban food production and the connections
between climate change and food justice. *



*Farming for Justice: **A Discussion/Action Group*
Wednesday, October 18th, 6PM-8PM
Groundswell Center, 225 South Fulton Street, Ithaca NY*

Farming for Justice is a monthly meeting for farmers, food producers, and
food system workers interested in digging into the intersection of food,
agriculture and social justice. What role do we see ourselves playing in
racial/economic justice work? What are the barriers we face and how can we
support each other to step further into action? Through dialogue, education
and action planning, we’ll begin to explore the answers.

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*Kate Cardona*
*Equity, Outreach and Course Coordinator *
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*Agriculture & Climate Change Workshop:
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21, 10:00am - 3:00pm *

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