Next "Forest Talks" Tues 9/27

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You are invited to join us for the next hike, Tues 9/27 with Mike DeMunn in
the Bock-Harvey Preserve, where some of the oldest Sugar Maple trees in the
region dwell.

The Forest Talks

*a series of guides hikes in heritage forests of the Finger Lakes *

Tuesday, 9/27 with local forester Mike Demunn

The forest and its inhabitants have a lot to tell us about the places we
call home, and we are fortunate to have some of the most unique and
species-diverse forests of the entire east coast in the Southern Tier of
New York. These walks bring participants to some of the more majestic
forests of the finger lakes. Local ecologists & foresters will be our
guides as we learn to read the language of the forest and discuss how to
apply our observations to management.

Cost: $20 for one person, $30 for two

Email stevegabrielfarmer at to join us!


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