Saturday, May 10: Tree Identification & Forest Ecology Workshop (Trumansburg)

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Sat May 3 13:26:37 EDT 2014

Coming up next Saturday...

Learn about the forest in this two-part workshop! In the first class, we'll
explore the woods in spring before the leaves are fully out, learning to
identify trees primarily by bark. During the second class, we'll take to
the woods again after trees have leafed out for the summer. In both
workshops, Mike will focus on forest ecology, the relationships between all
the creatures of the woods.

This class is highly recommended for land owners, conservationists, and
those interested in sustainable forestry and ecology. These workshops are
designed as a set, so we recommend that they are taken together. However,
they can also be taken individually. Pre-register online at

Workshops are held at Hawk Meadow Farm, 5066 Mott Evans Road, Trumansburg.
Space is limited to 25. Dress for the weather and bring a water bottle!
Both classes will involve quite a bit of off trail walking.

*May 10th: Tree Identification & Forest Ecology*
10 am - 1 pm ($30)
Join us for a walk in the woods, learning to identify trees before their
leaves are out. We'll also explore an introduction to forest ecology.

*June 7th: Forest Ecology & Management: Forest Health and Improvement*
10 am - 1 pm ($30)
In this woods walk, we'll delve more into the health of the forest and dig
deeper into principles of forest ecology. We'll also practice identifying
trees after leaf out.

Both workshops will be held at Hawk Meadow Farm, 5066 Mott Evans Road,
Trumansburg, NY (Reynoldsville). Register online

*Michael DeMunn is a widely recognized forester and conservationist in the
Finger Lakes region. He has been practicing ecological forestry for three
decades and has worked for the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service
and the Soil and Water District, and for industry as head forester for a
large lumber company. Michael is also a founding member of the Finger Lakes
Land Trust and is their forestry adviser. He manages Ithaca College forest
lands and teaches forestry field classes for the College. *

*Michael is very involved with environmental education with many different
organizations and has written several books about connecting with Nature.
Michael is also very involved with establishing Nature preserves and has
done forest improvement through timber management on thousands of acres and
with countless landowners in the area. He was given the name ""Da' Ha' da'
nyah:" which means "he protects the forest" by his Seneca Hawk Clanmother
when she adopted him as her son.*

*"No matter how much we know about the forest or the rest of Nature, we
cannot understand it or manage it to last until we have a spiritual
relationship with it," says Mike.*

Let live what must live, die what must die.
Birth comes with a death, comes with a rise.
There are two sides to one's same thing.
Breathing is like the tide, rolls in then retires.
The plants in my garden flourish, seed, then perish.
- Stereolab
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