Forest Farming Case Studies - Midwestern US

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Case studies offer a glimpse into the future potential of forest 
farming. While the concept may be new to many of us, there are silent 
farmers and gardeners working all over the US (and beyond), growing 
non-traditional crops like mushrooms, ginseng, and hickory nuts. We want 
our book to encourage dialogue and a greater expansion of forest farming 
in temperate regions. To this end, we are committed to collecting, 
telling, and facilitating the stories of established forest farmers and 
to connect them with new forest farmers.

We are currently planning for a research trip to the Midwest. This trip 
brings us to one of the colder temperate regions of the US, and should 
offer insight into the challenges and opportunities of tree-based 
agriculture. Despite the challenging environment, some of the most 
incredible examples of woody agriculture exist in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Can you assist by connecting us <> 
to more forest farmers? Please contact us if you know more sites in the 
upper Midwest. Your contribution to our campaign 
<> also is also 
needed. Your gift of $50 or more can help get us to the Midwest to share 
the stories online for free and in the upcoming boo. We will express our 
gratitude with a signed copy of the book 
<> when it is published 
in 2014!


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