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> Date: March 27, 2013 1:35:25 PM EDT
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> Subject: [village-plus & tree] seeking garden harvest measurers
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> Hello Ecovillage gardeners!
> Are you curious to know just how much your community garden plot  
> produces?
> My name is Heather Scott, and I used to live with the Nolans in  
> Song! I currently work in the Cornell horticulture department as  
> part of the Food Dignity project. This project is studying the local  
> foods movement and how communities are contributing to food  
> security. It is in five counties around the US, from Oakland,  
> California to Brooklyn, New York! ( for more information, see www.fooddignity.org 
> )
> Our piece of the project is measuring how much produce is typically  
> grown in community garden plots. We ran a pilot study last year with  
> THIRTEEN stellar Ithaca and Dryden gardeners. They measured their  
> garden crops all summer long. Most gardeners reported that it was  
> interesting and illuminating to see just how much they could grow.  
> This year we'd love to recruit even more--our target is THIRTY  
> garden researchers!
>  Garden researchers will receive:
> --a digital kitchen scale
> --access to harvest data
> --a small research stipend after the conclusion of the season ($50)
> --cover crop seeds
> Please contact me if you're interested in participating, and pass  
> the word around!
> Thanks for your help,
> Heather Scott
> has224 at cornell.edu
> 607.255.6503 lab
> 917.453.9539 cell

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